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Medical & Dental Missions

Our medical and dental teams provide basic care for the children in our sponsorship programs.  Most of these kids never see a dentist or doctor their entire lives except for when we bring our teams into their communities.   In addition to the care we provide to each sponsored child, we will also help as many people from the community as we can.   


One of the most common problems we see with kids is teeth that need pulled and worms that need treated.  When we do find that a child (or family members) needs specialized care, we coordinate dentist and doctor visits as needed.  

One of our favorite experiences is using our portable sonogram machine to allow pregnant mothers to see their babies.  The sonogram machine has also helped us identify some serious cases that needed emergency medical attention.  


Meet Savi.  Savi fell into a boiling pit of sugar cane.  He had life-threatening burns over every square inch of his entire body other than his head.   Savi spent several months in the I.C.U.   We help Savi by providing transportation for him to doctors, specialists, and taking him to physical therapy each week.  

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