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About Mission Teams

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"Therefore go and
make disciples" - Jesus

Why Mission Teams?  We believe the great command to go and make disciples is a command to every Christian.   This is something that many Christians desire to do, but don't know how or where to get started.  We are here to make that possible for you. 

In one way or another we all have a God-ordained responsibility to leave our comfort zones and work to lead people to Jesus.  While we need donations to do what we do (as do all mission organizations), we want to be clear: sending money is not always the answer.   Nor does donating to missions automatically relinquish our responsibility to do what Jesus said, "go and make disciples."  We believe that every Christian needs to experience a true mission trip at some point in their Christianity (and in our opinion, the earlier the better).

International Missions are reported to be "life changing" by 75% of people who attend one according to a Barna Study on Evangelical Christians.  There are no other "events" the church does that report higher than 75% of participants calling that event "life changing".  

Why Teen Missions?  Of even greater significance, teenagers who experience an international missions trip before they enter college are 4 times more likely to stay connected to the church after graduating high school.  That is 400% more likely to remain in church compared to their Christian peers who don't experience an international mission trip.   Let that number sink in.  400 percent.   This is why we are so passionate about teen missions.  We work hard to make mission trips a real possibility for any teen who wants to experience missions.  Our goal is to pay for half of one mission trip for any junior or senior in high school who wants to join us on one of our international trips.   Not only are we helping build the kingdom by leading people to serve in the mission field, but we are strengthening this younger generation by engaging them in missions before they ever graduate high school.  We are only able to do this with the generous support of our donors who believe in what we are doing.  If you're able to help in any way, your support is greatly appreciated and much needed.

Why Medical Missions?  Many people in impoverished communities don't have access to basic health care.  Many of them are uneducated and simply don't know the basics of personal hygiene.  We have worked with children near the point of death whose conditions were entirely treatable, and preventable, but their parents did not know what to do until we were able to show them.  Our medical mission teams are great opportunities for people of all skill sets to serve.  We have medical professionals to lead these teams, and opportunities for volunteers to assist.  You do not have to have prior medical or dental experience to volunteer on a medical mission team. 

Want to join us on a trip?  Would you like to be a team member on one of our future mission trips?  Do you have a group of people you'd like to organize to go on a mission trip with us?  Have a youth group you want to send on a mission?  Contact us below with some basic info about yourself and we will call you soon to respond to any questions and help you get the process started of joining us on one of our missions.  

Want to support what we do?  You can donate any amount using the donate button, or using Venmo - @extramilemissions.  You can also mail your donation to the address below.  

Let’s Work Together

Extra Mile Missions

200 S. Brookwood Drive

Deryb, KS 67037

Tel: 316-619-8991

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