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Our sponsorship program really does change the life of a child and their family forever.  We have personally seen it happen with multitudes of these kids.  We currently have more than 200 children in our sponsorship programs.

Program Highlights

$20 per month

Meet your sponsored child

Providing hope

The gift of education

Our sponsorship program is only $20 a month per child.  This has allowed many people to experience the blessing of being a sponsor who haven't been able to commit to other sponsorship programs that are often much more expensive.  

All of the kids in our program are from the same mountain range in Quelacasque Honduras.  This means that we get to see all of them every time we take a mission team into Honduras.  We know most of these kids by name (and they know us).  You can come with us on a trip and get the incredible opportunity to meet your child and their family.  Doing a home visit to see where your sponsored child lives, and meet their parents and siblings is a real life changing experience.

Sponsorship guarantees these children an education. They will learn the Bible at the weekly Sunday morning bible program. Children get a meal each week at the church with food infused with vitamins and nutrients most of them do not get in their regular diet.  Children build real and meaningful relationships with their sponsors.  These children LOVE their sponsors.  In most homes, the kids have a section devoted entirely to the letters and other things they have received from their sponsor families.

Before we began our program many of these kids were stopping school after the 2nd grade.  In many rural areas of Honduras the highest level of education accessible is 6th grade.  To go further, students need to travel to town or to another nearby city that has a school offering grades 7-9.  The promise of an education through 6th grade is a transforming promise for these children. 

We provide transportation each week for about 25 middle school students who don't have a middle school near their village.  We pick them up in Quelacasque, bring them into Gracias for school, and then take them home at the end of the school day.   

Sponsorship impacts entire families

It is extremely rare that so little ($20 a month) could accomplish so much.   The sponsorship of one of these kids impacts their entire family.  In most of homes, there is a place on the wall entirely devoted to hanging all of the letters and pictures that they have received from their American sponsor family.  On home visit days, often the father will take the day off of work to be able to be there to meet the people who have made education possible for his children.   In the long-term picture, raising these children up in the bible program and supplying them with the resources to be able to attend school will change this entire village in ways we can't measure.    The church in Canoa has nearly doubled their congregation since started the program in 2018.   In 2020 one of our mission projects was to help build a second story on top of the church to help solve some of the space issues they were having.   The project also allowed us to divide the first story into classrooms (they had only one single large room for everything).   The second floor we built much larger by cantilevering it out past the first floor which allows the church to seat about three times the number of people it was able to do before.   All of this is part of the additional benefits of the sponsorship program.  

​Become a Sponsor

  • Look through our list of children who are awaiting sponsors and select the child you would like to become a sponsor for.

  • After selecting the child, you will be redirected to enter the information needed to begin your sponsorship

  • You will receive a confirmation from us letting you know that you have successfully set up your sponsorship. 

  • You will receive a welcome packet in the mail in 7-10 business days with a detail card on your child that you can place somewhere in your home to remind you to be praying for your sponsored child.

  • You will begin receiving regular correspondences from us reminding you of upcoming letter distributions and other periodic instructions to help make your sponsorship as impactful as possible.

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