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Kingdom Partnerships

This program is exclusively for churches wanting a long-term commitment to missions.  We connect one church from the U.S.A. to one church in the Philippines or Honduras to build a long-term relationship between the two churches.  

This Congregational Church of Conoa (Honduras) is united with The Well Worship Center of Derby, KS.

The Kingdom Partnership Mission

Uniting international churches in impoverished communities with churches from the U.S.A. for the mutual benefit of both congregations. 

The church from the U.S. serves the international church through four specific actions.


1.  Pastor to pastor connection

Pastors will have open communication with each other to share needs and to pray for one another.  


We encourage sharing resources to help equip the pastor of your partnership church with study materials and other study helps.


The pastor-to-pastor direct relationship provides the American pastor with the access and real-time info needed to best care for and help the international church.

Pastor Jason & Anna Bruns (Evidence Church) with 
Pastor Alexander and his family (Congregational).   
JPEG image-00DC54F3C00C-1.jpeg

2.   Whole church participation in service projects.


The American church can help with campaigns to improve the church they have partnered with.  This can include building projects, roofs, church expansion projects, tile, paint, raising funds for curriculum for the kids, providing supplies like crayons, crafts, whiteboards, and more.  

3.  Child Sponsorship


Sponsorship is an important way for families from the U.S. church to connect with families from the international church.   


Children from the sponsorship program in your partnership church will be exclusively sponsored by members from your congregation.  


Sponsorship helps the children continue their education, get vitamins each week to help with nutrition they’re not getting at home, provides emergency medical and dental care, and most importantly sponsorship means the child will be attending a weekly program where they are taught the bible every week.  


Sponsors will send and recieve letters with their sponsored child throughout the year and in most cases be able to send a small Christmas gift in December.  


When sponsors travel over with the church on a mission trip they will get to meet the child they sponsor and have the opportunity to do a personal home visit at the child’s home.   

JPEG image-4B23AFA692D0-1.jpeg

4.  Mission Trips serving exclusively at the partnership church.


We strongly encourage taking a mission team from your church once a year (or every other year) to visit the church you have partnered with.  A week-long mission team would generally include holding a special church service one night with your partnership church, hosting a one or two day VBS with the children of the church, attending church during regular church service times to worship with your partnership congregation, taking sponsors to visit the homes of their sponsored children, possibly some service projects at the church or within the community, and more.  

The benefit to the church in the U.S.A.

When a church gets involved with missions it has a huge impact on the church itself.   The church learns first hand the fact that “…it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  When the church comes together for service projects, mission trips, child sponsorship, and other mission related activities, it has an impact that is almost impossible to measure.  The bottom line is this: God blesses a church that operates with a heart for missions. 

Program Costs

Paid by the U.S. church:  $250 suggested minimum donation to Extra Mile Missions for facilitating the program and to help support E.M.M.  


Paid by the congregation:  Service projects when the church chooses to do them.  Project costs vary and are meant to be covered by love offerings, fund raisers, or however else the church decides to fund the projects.


Paid by the sponsors:  $20 monthly for each child sponsored.

Want to know more?

The Kingdom Partnership Program can only be initiated by a pastor from the church desiring to partner with one of our mission churches.  If you are a pastor and would like to know more about this program please contact Joplin Emberson via email or phone (316) 619-8991.

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