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Great teams require great people.  Here is ours. 

Administrative Staff

Joplin Emberson, founder & president
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Joplin is a visionary leader.  His passion is empowering other people with the tools and opportunities they need to use their God-given gifts.  

In addition to his work with Extra Mile Missions, Joplin is the founder and lead pastor of The Well Worship Center.  

Joplin has been married to Andrea for 23 years.  They have four children, ages 20, 18, 16, and 10.   Joplin enjoys writing.  He is the author of two published books, The War Within, and Let Her Speak.  He also releases a new devotion each Monday on his More Than Conquerors devotional blog.  

Andrea Emberson, Chief Admin. Officer
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Andrea is passionate about living with joy, laughing, having fun, and making the best out of any circumstance.  

Andrea drives the fun and upbeat atmosphere that has come to be a mark of the EMM mission team experience.  The combo of her organization for our teams and the atmosphere she creates is one of the main reasons we have almost an 80% return rate of mission team members who return to join us for two or more mission trips.

Jennifer Erion
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Jennifer shares in the administrative workload that it takes to run our organization.  She helps with booking team flights and anything else we need her help doing.  Her and her family are also regulars on our mission teams into Honduras and Mexico.  


Troy Capps, Chaplain (Honduras)
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Troy is our chaplain in Honduras.  His primary role is caring for the spiritual side of our organization and making sure we keep our Christian principles first in everything we do in Honduras.  


Troy works directly with all three of our sponsorship programs, visiting one every week.  He also delivers the food to these programs.  


In addition to overseeing the sponsorship programs, Troy is also responsible for overseeing the spiritual health of our Honduras Ministry Team.  He leads a bible study each week and a time of prayer with members of our team.  

Troy is our full-time missionary in Honduras.  He lives in and takes care of our EMM Team House.  

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Russell & Iris Sowers, Honduras O.D.
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Russell moved to the mission field at age 11, where he has spent the last 20 years serving in the Sowers 4 Pastors organization.  Iris was born and raised in Gracias Honduras.  The two of them married in 2010 and have three children, ages 8, 6, and 2.  

Russell & Iris are transitioning to Kansas where they plan to live long enough for Iris to gain her U.S. Citizenship.  This is vital part of the long-term ministry plan for this family.  Their desire is to continue to live as a family devoted to the mission field.  

We are blessed to have this awesome family on our team.  Both Russell & Iris are bilingual and will be helping us in our Spanish ministries.  We look forward to putting Russell's experience in mission organization and logistics to good work. 

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Halli Emberson
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Halli has had a special heart for Honduras since she was about 14 years old.  She has travelled to serve with just about every mission team we have hosted since 2018.  As of the summer of 2023, Halli is now part of our full-time staff in Honduras. 

Halli helps with teams during the team seasons and with day-to-day operations of our child sponsorship programs during the weeks we aren't hosting teams.  As is the case with all true ministry, she has to do a little bit of everything each week helping us respond to whatever needs arise.  

Amy Bonilla de Alvarado

Amy is a native of Gracias Honduras and has worked in ministry for about 10 years.  She helps by leading classes on Sunday mornings, training teachers how to do the same, and communicates with us to discuss what's working well, what ideas we could try, and what resources we could provide that would enhance the ministry to these children. 

We need your help supporting our missionaries in Honduras  Extra Mile Missions simply does not have the support to fund our full-time staff in Honduras.  We, they, trust the Lord to provide the funding necessary for each of them to survive on the mission field.  If you would like to support any of our full-time missionaries (Troy, Russell, or Halli) their direct links are posted above for you to give a one-time gift or to set up a recurring donation.   


Raul & Norma Ozaeta

Raul & Norma lead our missions in Juarez Mexico.  Raul was born and raised in Jaurez.  He moved to the United States at the age of 16.  He has a passion for ministering to the people of Juarez.

Norma is an amazing woman who lives her life serving others.  She is employed at a school in Wichita, KS that provides education for refugee children from Sudan and other countries in Africa.  She works with children that often do not speak any English (or Spanish) at all.   

Ana Raquel Esquivel Solia

Ana coordinates our food distribution in Juarez.   Once a month we provide approximately a one week supply of food for about 30 families living in Juanita Luna.  Ana handles the purchasing, packaging, and distributing of each month.  

Ana is a life-long member of the 3rd Church of the Nazarene in Juarez Mexico.  Her father, Pastor Gideon, has been the pastor of the church for more than 40 years.  It is this church that we work with to coordinate all of our activities in Juarez. 

Homeless Ministries

AJ & LaDonna Frischenmeyer

AJ & LaDonna run our Homeless Missions in Wichita, KS. 


There could not possibly be two better people for this ministry.  AJ & LaDonna lived together, as a married couple, homeless on the streets of Wichita.  AJ was often in and out of prison.   Drug addiction was a problem for them both.  

In 2017, AJ & LaDonna were both saved at The Well Worship Center in Derby KS.  Their lives were radically transformed.  What seemed impossible had become possible through Christ!  

These two are filled with joy and the light of Christ.  They are blessed to be able to go back to the homeless community, but this time serving, doing ministry, and bringing hope.

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